The Kula Centre

Amaia, English Student says...

I've been at the Kula Centre as an English student since the opening of the Centre. I´ve always felt very well there. The teachers are amazing; they´re very kind and very dynamic, with a lot of energy. There´s a very friendly atmosphere. It´s possible to do different activities in the Centre: English classes, yoga in english, sewing group, English for children... You'll be very lucky if you have time for all theses different activities!!!

Clara says...

"Hi, I'm the mother of a 12 year old kid that goes to The Kula Centre and I’d like to say that the classes are fantastic. First of all, they are very well prepared by the teacher, who is a great professional and knows how to convey their knowledge to the children. The classes are very joyful, fun and varied. They learn English applying it to different practical situations. My son attends them with delight and his level of English, especially his fluency, has improved a lot. Highly recommendable."

Ana says...

"My experience at The Kula Centre is all positives: I like yoga and I like Millie's way of teaching it, because she conveys serenity and energy at the same time. I feel comfortable in class although my level of English is not very good. And that's because the teacher strives to integrate each and every student, building a group with us. The space where the classes are held is also very nice and comfortable, which contributes to making us feel good during the exercises that we practice. I hope you go on for a long time doing this as well as you've been doing it so far."

Mertxe, mother of Itsasne, 13 years says..

"Itsasne tells me that the hour she spends at The Kula Centre is very entertaining and, above all, that she's learnt a lot of vocabulary and is speaking much more fluently at the Ikastola. Her English teacher has noticed and told her that it really shows that she is getting English conversation classes. We are very happy with the class and the teacher."

Paloma, mother of Amaya, 15 years and Maite, 12 years says...

"For me the best thing about Millie is that she adapts herself to her students, to their way of being, and in this way she customizes her classes. She's very intelligent and creative in the way that she encourages the student to speak in English. Her classes are very light - hearted. For me it's a pleasure working with her. My daughters have advanced much more than expected."

Maite, 12 years old says...

"For me, the classes with Millie are the best. I learn a lot of English, although I forget some words. I've learnt many phrases and I've come to speak more fluently and without embarrassment. We play lots of games and I have a very good time. As I spend a lot of time with her, I tell her about school and things that happen to me there. I wouldn't trade the classes with Millie for anything. Above all I love it when we have the class outdoors."

Cristina, Mother of Alba and Jorge, 2 years and 4 months respectively - Little Stars group for Parents and Babies says...

"Alba started learning English at The Kula Centre when she was just one year old. The classes are so enjoyable with music, toys, games... Alba has a really good time and she's learning English without even realising it. Now my second child is also attending the classes. He´s 4 months old and enjoys the interaction with the other babies. I like the classes because it gives me an opportunity to use my English with the other parents."

Jenny, from England says...

"I started yoga because I wanted to touch my toes! It’s a common enough reason to begin yoga, in order to become fitter and more flexible, but the enjoyment of the classes and the other countless benefits that I have received in the two and a half years since starting have been more than I could have expected.  In class I have time for me, time to think and to stretch and give my body and my mind some time to focus. After a class I come away feeling lighter, happier, and with a feeling that I’ve done something really good for myself. As a teacher myself, I always put the most important aspect of teaching as truly caring about what you’re doing and the students in the class. This is what I feel with Millie every class. I love being the student of someone who can see the best in her students, nurture them, listens and understands how to improve their individual practice. The most surprising aspect of yoga, and one that Millie has encouraged us to engage with, is that the techniques we use in our practice can support us in everyday life. When I’m faced with an unruly class, or I’ve missed the bus, I can stop and breathe and deal with the situation in the same focused way that I might deal with a challenging posture. I love how in yoga these benefits just seem to creep up on you, and the practice is a thing that shifts and evolves, where you might find one day that in posture the alignment just feels’ve cracked it! Or one day you’re a little quiet and the opening postures help you reconnect with others and come out of your shell. Practicing Anusara yoga at the Kula Centre, with such a knowledgeable and caring teacher, was one of the best things I have done for myself and I would encourage anyone else to go and try it out."

Josemi, parent of Naroa, at Itturama Colegio

"My daughter is learning English in an enjoyable atmosphere. I also like her teacher's sense of responsability . No doubt it's a recommended experience".

Moira, from Australia says...

"The thing I love about Millie's yoga class is her ability to unite mind, body and spirit. She clearly articulates in detail how to place your body, breathe and concentrate to hold poses that are elegant and strong. At the same time, she introduces concepts about life and how to live which challenge, inspire and uplift, while you are doing a perfect downward facing dog. Or a handstand. Mills is a true yogi and I feel lucky and privleged to be her student."

On the yoga classes:- Tunde, from Hungary

"An uplifting experience interweaving exercise, life coaching and creative mindfulness for 'core'-ageous people and for those still in denial. 'The outstanding requires understanding.' Embrace your inner yogi - the Friday classes even make missing the juevintxos worthwhile!"

Anusara-Inspired Yoga

Anusara-Inspired® Yoga

These classes are taught in English and Spanish. They are light-hearted and encourage joyful creativity. Each class weaves a heart-oriented theme with the practice of Asanas (poses), Pranayama (breathwork), Contemplation and Relaxation.

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Adult English Classes

Adult English Classes

Whether you're looking to improve your English conversation skills, or want to pass an exam, we can offer you a class that will suit your needs. Small groups or one on one classes.

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Creative Kids

Creative Kids

Creatively taught English classes aimed at improving children's speaking and listening skills and creative development.

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Little Stars

Little Stars

Give your little one a head start in English! These classes bring parents and children together in an opportunity to socialise, play games, sing songs, practise yoga and massage, and learn creatively in English.

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What's New


English weekend Intensive in a Rural House. These weekends are designed to completely immerse you in the English language whilst relaxing in a beautiful rural setting.

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What's New

English Classes for
Children & Teenagers

The objective of these classes is to prepare students for the Cambridge exams for Young Learners. The exams offer young learners a motivatation for their study of English.

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